Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Market Commentary

Buy the dip working so far. I am out for now, too big of a chicken to hold on in this type of market.

Market Commentary

Take it long when the market approaches HOD. Made a quick $. This market is too shaky for me to hold on long.

Market Commentary

I forgot that there is a bunch of political talk on TV today. CNBC is showing Geithner talking. It seems that the trend during bear/tough markets is to fall when politicians are making speeches. Just something to be aware of. If we hit new lows, embrace them.

Market Commentary

SPY and QQQQ seem like they might touch their highs. IYR already at HOD and OIH is very close. I will stay out of the market for now.

Market Commentary

Here are the markets I follow and current 'analysis':

S&P (via SPY): chop so far, with downward bias
Nasdaq 100 (via QQQQ): slight strength vs SPY
Financials (via XLF): strongest sector
Energy (via OIH): early weakness, but doing well now, this market can be very volatile
Small Caps (via IWM): chop
Real Estate (via IYR): early weakness, but doing well now, this market can be very volatile

Market Commentary

Shorted this quick bounce. Covering soon, do not want to wait for new lows. This market makes me nervous.

Market Commentary

Market making new lows. Low of the week is not too far away. The trend is done with possibility of chop.

An Attempt to Blog Real Time

I might be making an attempt to blog about the market in real time, commenting about the general market conditions in an attempt to align my trading with the action I see.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finding New Intraday Highs/Lows

Here is tradestation code to find stocks that are making consistent HOD and LOD. Use this in RadarScreen.

vars: highCount(0), lowCount(0), length(0), plotValue(0), highestHigh(0), lowestLow(10000);

If Date <> Date[1] then begin
highCount = 0;
lowCount = 0;
length = 0;
highestHigh = 0;
lowestLow = 10000;

if High > highestHigh then begin
highCount = highCount + 1;
highestHigh = high;
Alert("New High");

if Low < lowestLow then begin
lowCount = lowCount + 1;
lowestLow = low;
Alert("New Low");

plotValue = highCount - lowCount;
Plot1(plotValue, "H/L Count");

if(plotValue > 0) then
SetPlotColor(1, Green)
else if(plotValue < 0) then
SetPlotColor(1, Red)
else SetPlotColor(1, White);

Few Notes

UNG, at its lowest premium since this whole mess started 2.7%. Oil breaking down like I predicted. Looking to see how coal stocks behave from here, could have topped.