Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stocks Close to their Lows

The lows are all closing lows.

BIDU: CLOSE=104.54, 52WEEKLOW=104.54
BNI: CLOSE=75.89, 52WEEKLOW=71.55
BPT: CLOSE=68.04, 52WEEKLOW=65.01
CEA: CLOSE=8.56, 52WEEKLOW=8.56
CLB: CLOSE=54.0, 52WEEKLOW=51.79
CN: CLOSE=38.23, 52WEEKLOW=37.8
CNI: CLOSE=34.99, 52WEEKLOW=32.01
DBA: CLOSE=23.49, 52WEEKLOW=21.97
EEV: CLOSE=55.86, 52WEEKLOW=55.86
ERF: CLOSE=19.99, 52WEEKLOW=18.35
EROC: CLOSE=6.38, 52WEEKLOW=6.16
FXP: CLOSE=32.73, 52WEEKLOW=32.73
LUV: CLOSE=7.88, 52WEEKLOW=7.76
PBT: CLOSE=14.18, 52WEEKLOW=13.13
PDS: CLOSE=6.72, 52WEEKLOW=6.29
PGH: CLOSE=7.82, 52WEEKLOW=7.17
RIMM: CLOSE=38.43, 52WEEKLOW=37.2
UNG: CLOSE=23.68, 52WEEKLOW=23.27
UNP: CLOSE=49.05, 52WEEKLOW=46.9