Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stocks Near Lows

The lows are 52 week closing or opening lows.

AAPL: CLOSE=85.33, 52WEEKLOW=80.49
ADBE: CLOSE=21.11, 52WEEKLOW=20.44
BAC: CLOSE=10.2, 52WEEKLOW=10.09
BIDU: CLOSE=109.75, 52WEEKLOW=104.54
BNI: CLOSE=63.94, 52WEEKLOW=63.94
CNI: CLOSE=34.05, 52WEEKLOW=31.69
COF: CLOSE=25.58, 52WEEKLOW=25.19
COST: CLOSE=47.63, 52WEEKLOW=44.99
CSX: CLOSE=30.1, 52WEEKLOW=30.1
DO: CLOSE=56.15, 52WEEKLOW=55.45
DVN: CLOSE=61.1, 52WEEKLOW=58.17
HBC: CLOSE=42.19, 52WEEKLOW=41.54
LULU: CLOSE=6.22, 52WEEKLOW=6.22
MTB: CLOSE=45.18, 52WEEKLOW=44.82
NBR: CLOSE=10.78, 52WEEKLOW=10.22
NE: CLOSE=21.04, 52WEEKLOW=20.11
NSC: CLOSE=39.52, 52WEEKLOW=39.52
ORCL: CLOSE=16.36, 52WEEKLOW=15.23
PDS: CLOSE=6.47, 52WEEKLOW=6.11
SINA: CLOSE=21.25, 52WEEKLOW=20.33
SLB: CLOSE=40.43, 52WEEKLOW=37.7
SNP: CLOSE=54.38, 52WEEKLOW=50.57
UNG: CLOSE=20.55, 52WEEKLOW=20.55
UNP: CLOSE=41.56, 52WEEKLOW=41.56

Looks like the rail stocks are struggling.