Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been slow to get back into gear. I have just opened an account at TradeStation and am getting used to the platform. I am also learning EasyLangauge so that I can see what kind of automated trades I can come up with.

Ag stocks have been taking a huge beating recently. MON had good earnings and popped big time only to be faded back down and closed the gap today. Do or die for it, I say die after. POT, MOS, CF, ADM are all giving back their gains at 8%+ a day.

The parabolic stock, EBS looks like it broke down on some news while LOPE seems to be holding up very well.

Take a look at APOL for further downside, courtesy of Citron Research. I have yet to read the report, but I shorted the stock in a paper account as soon as I got the email notification and made 4 points on it. I have also browsed through the history of the site, and they have made some very nice calls. Not all the calls are profitable, but most are. Some stocks continue to move up after the report is put out, but eventually they crater, APOL might be like that, so always have your stops.