Thursday, February 19, 2009


I do not know why Fast Money is so bullish on MA and V. As credit card companies like COF and JPM take a hit, it is only time till credit and usage of credit cards takes a hit.

XLF is at 7.6, it is getting closer and closer to my bottom guess of 6.5. The estimate is based on comparing the QQQQ during the dot com bust to the XLF. An 84% drop from the highs. XLF peaked at 38, an 80% drop is 7.6, an 84% drop is 6.08. Feels like we are getting close.

The Mcclean oscillator (check oscillators on the left) is oversold while other oscialltors are slightly oversold. Don't be caught short in the bounce.

There is some crazy action in the education stocks ESI and APOL.