Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A few stocks that continue to make new closing lows.

APA: CLOSE=59.7, 52WEEKLOW=59.5
BUCY: CLOSE=12.84, 52WEEKLOW=12.84
CSX: CLOSE=25.38, 52WEEKLOW=24.94
DE: CLOSE=27.01, 52WEEKLOW=26.99
DVN: CLOSE=45.29, 52WEEKLOW=45.29
LOW: CLOSE=15.37, 52WEEKLOW=15.09
LUV: CLOSE=6.07, 52WEEKLOW=6.07
MSFT: CLOSE=16.96, 52WEEKLOW=16.96
TRN: CLOSE=7.68, 52WEEKLOW=7.68
UNG: CLOSE=16.61, 52WEEKLOW=16.56
WYNN: CLOSE=21.75, 52WEEKLOW=21.75
X: CLOSE=20.92, 52WEEKLOW=20.92