Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oil Refineries

The traders on Fast Money were talking about how refineries are very undervalued. Here are charts showing the performance of the refineries starting from January.


Year long rally in 2005.


Following the huge rally in 2005, only a slight rally in 2006 starting in February.
WNR: +30%
MRO: +20%


Huge performance on all refineries. The top performers are:
WNR: +180%
TSO: +80%
VLO: +50%

WNR had the biggest and fall last year. Betting on this stock might prove to be very profitable.

Here are the debt to equity ratios for the stocks mentioned. Beware WNR has a lot of debt.
WNR: 1.64
TSO: 0.49
VLO: 0.36
MRO: 0.34
COP: 0.34
SUN: 0.70