Monday, February 25, 2008


Coal is zoom zoom zoooming. Which stocks have more to run?


Ascending triangle, breakout above 55 would give it new all time highs. Need increase in volume!


Broke out above the 40 level, I would wait for a test of the 20 DMA before getting in.


Testing strong resistance at 105. Breakout with high volume will lead to new highs.


This one just broke into new highs. The great thing about this stock is that it has been going sideways for a few days now and is very close to its 20 DMA. Either a pullback to 55 would make an attractive buy or blast to new highs on higher volume.


Moving sideways right at the new highs. Previous patterns suggest that there will be a pullback before we proceed to new highs. A pullback to 20 DMA or even lower would provide ideal entry.


This has run up straight for a month and is very extended. There is no support and no resistance so I have no clue what to do without a pullback to the 20 DMA.