Thursday, February 7, 2008

Agriculture Earnings Update


EPS: .66 vs .64 expected
Revenue: 570 vs 539 expected
Reaction -5%

TRA is standing at its 100 DMA. With a weaker market this stock can take a huge hit. I would short some now, short more when it break the 38 level.


Profit: US$1.11 billion vs US$1 billion expected.
Revenue: US$9.24 billion
Reaction: -.5%

SYT is also close to the 100 DMA. It is forming a h&s formation. However, the reaction to earnings was not that bad. This stock will need to break the 100 DMA at around 47 to be shortable.


EPS: 1.82 vs 1.54 expected
Revenue: 14 billion vs 11.8 billion expected
Reaction: -9%

The stock is right at the 100 DMA like the other two. With a huge downward reaction today, this stock seems to have the most potential to be shorted. Potential support exists at 102.