Monday, September 8, 2008


Here are a few stocks/sectors that I am bullish on. Check out my bearish ideas if you want to short.

Potential bottoms forming.

NYX has been the weakest by far, this might be due to the weakening fundamentals as they lost customers to NDAQ. But if it has bottom, the potential gain is greatest here. I would be quick with the profit taking.

Very nice double bottom, with the second one being nice and round. You should be able to buy this with any pullback. I could easily see this run up another 10-20 points.

Consolidating in a range, intraday trades to the upside should work until it shows more strength. Then it can be held for longer periods.


This looks like it has bottomed. A pullback to the 50 DMA would be a great entry. Too slow of a mover for me, but the upside potential is huge.

Popped above the 200 DMA, pullbacks should be bought.

Hitting the 200 DMA. Pullbacks could be bought, forward PE seems a bit high.

Now here is a stock with potential. It has not had any sort of rally, it has a forward PE of 18 and a PEG of 0.7, it could POTENTIALLY be forming a bottom right here. What will deteremine this? Earnings! Sept 11. Potential risky buy right here in the hopes of a bottom, if you time it right intraday and buy smart, you can set stop loss to minimual or 0 loss and hope for a run up.

POTENTIAL bottoming, might be shaky.

Now that I look at it, it kinda looks like a H&S forming, but if casinos have bottomed support at 90 should hold.

Support at 40 should hold if this has bottomed.

Consolidation before taking off?

With a series of downgrades, this is beginning to look interesting. But it needs to show a bounce followed by consolidation before you contemplate entry.


Very nice round, double bottom. This thing might sky rocket soon.

Looks like its ready to break out.

Consolidation phase done?