Monday, September 15, 2008


Crack spreads fell today. I thought they would surely rise today. Seeing crude below 100, and hearing about $5 gas, I thought it might even go higher today!

Falling significantly from the highs, but still looks good. Overall, I expect oil stocks to firm up this week.

WNR, pulling back, gave back most of its gaves form friday.

It is right at the 10 DMA. Further pullback followed by strength would make this a buy.

FTO, jumps right back into its former range.

I think this should be day traded to both side with the huge moves it has. It looks bearish here.

TSO, closes below 16, very bad.


With exposure to hurricane Ike, this look very bearish.

Pair trade? Long TSO short VLO.


Pulls back to the 20 level. Buy once strength is shown on the intraday level. Could be challenging in this market.

ICE and NYX looking very bearish.